Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Always Local

So my mom and sister and I took a bit of a road trip.  O.k., it was a big road trip.  Sadly it wasn't spur of the moment; it's been in the making for a few months now. (I say sadly because there is something very adventurous about a spur of the moment road trip) But alas, my mom and I are the "planner" type.  My sister is a voice major and she is off on one of her music adventures while mom and I enjoy Nashville. My first day impression of this city: let me just say that you don't need to love country music to enjoy a visit. Between the restaurants, the museums, the historic sites, the shopping, the scenery, you'll love it here.  Nashville is a beautifully laid out city.  And the surrounding suburbs are just as exciting as being in the heart of Nashville.

Our first stop in the city was Nashville's farmer's market. I'm glad we stopped by because this place is HUGE.  One thing I really like about cities is their effort to connect the metropolis to the country in the form of healthy organic produce. The produce portion of this farmer's market is open 7 days a week, and we wanted to get some fresh fruits and veggies.

South Carolina Peaches. Yes, we bought some.  We're putting the peaches into a paper bag to make them ripen faster (yes, this method really works!)

All over the place, colors of yellow, pink, red, blue and green surround you.  On weekends Nashville farmer's market has a flea market portion open.  Unfortunately we'll be gone before then, and I'm a little sorry to miss it.

I learned that there are a lot of different jams and pickled foods out there.  I have never heard of green pepper jam, but it's a thing.  My mom said it sounded delicious...I'm not as optimistic.

Locally sourced honey.  I love honey that you get from local farmers.  It's the most delicious and free from additives.

If you get the chance to visit the Nashville farmer's market on the weekend, I recommend making a morning of it and then eat lunch at their fantastic dining center.  They have a lot of different ethnic foods, including an ethnic market and they carry gourmet sandwiches and locally made desserts!  To get an idea of which farmers and vendors will be on site check out the website here: http://nashvillefarmersmarket.org/

So the question I have for all of you: Green pepper jam, yea or nae?

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