Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rock Paper Scissors

     I've been excited to write a spot about this really cool shop in Ann Arbor for some time and that time is finally here!  There's a lot of buzz surrounding the place. Rock Paper Scissors originated in Tecumseh, but they've made a second home in Ann Arbor.  My friends can't stop talking about how adorable this gift shop is...really it's a well designed store with something for everyone...and I like places like that!  You can grab a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants with a friend and take a stroll over to Rock Paper Scissors, and with near certainty they'll enjoy the whole outing.

The first thing my eyes see when entering: Linnea's Lights candles.  They're soy, so they give a clean burn.  I love this sea salt scent; so summery and light!

For the little secretary in your life.

Library of Flowers perfume.  My favorite is "Field of Flowers".  My friend Taylor loved it and immediately bought some. 

There is all kinds of clever happening in this store, from the merchandise to the displays. Observe: clever locker setup, filled with great gifts!

Great UofM gifts for the graduate, or die hard fan.

Love nautical themes, anyone else?

Father's Day is coming up, and there's stuff for dad.

I love cute cook wear, and they have lots of it.

Rock Paper Scissors also carries invitations...and they're gorgeous. So if you're getting married or having a baby...anything really, this is the place to go and set up an appointment.   I love their stationary selection, too.

For the Bar Mitzvah

This card goes out to my friend Megan.  Can you think of someone you played M.A.S.H. with all the time?

Love the details on this pillow.  Perfect for the Michigan lake house.

"Where Commerce and Education Meet"...perfect description of our city!

**Check out their fabulous website at: You can shop online, and get the lowdown on hours.  Really to stop in and look around in this place is a treat!


  1. WOAH, dig the locally-designed stuff! :D

  2. Me too! Gotta love the local artists!

  3. Thanks so much for coming in! I love the pics you took of the store :) Come see us soon! - The Team at RPS!