Saturday, November 24, 2012

About Me


I'm a personal stylist and image consultant based out of Ann Arbor Michigan.  I have been working in the retail industry for 10 years. In that time have gained a wealth of experience in high-end clothing retail.  I currently manage a bridal salon based in Ann Arbor where my skills of assessing body type, listening to client preferences, and finding the right dress based on those needs, are consistently being honed.  

Whether you're looking for a personal stylist, a personal shopper, or an image consultant, I work with you to help refine your personal style.  I'm a big believer that style does not necessarily have the include the word "designer".  I am first and foremost about quality garments and a great fit.  I build a wardrobe around staple classic pieces that will last you a lifetime,  and then choose trendier pieces that fit your personality with care.  

What is a personal stylist and what does the initial consultation consist of?  

A personal stylist is one who assesses what you're trying to achieve style-wise with your overall wardrobe and helps you choose clothing and accessories.  In the initial consultation we go over what kind of wardrobe you want to achieve, any problems or roadblocks you've run into thus far with trying to build a wardrobe, and we also go over basics like which colors and silhouettes fit your complexion and body type best.

What is a personal shopper?

A bit different than a personal stylist, a personal shopper takes the guess work (and sometimes the stress and just plain amount of time it takes) and does the shopping for you with a set budget.  You set the budget with a pre-discussed set of guidelines on what you're particularly looking to find.

Image Consulting

If you're making a career move, interviewing for a promotion, or making the transition from college into the workforce, I can help you gain the professional image that matches your career!

If you're a vendor or company trying to get in touch with me, please send all inquiries to


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